MEAC Opinions - Confidentiality

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2016-003PDF Download

Mediation communications to from mediator's support staff

2014-010PDF Download

Mediating re local rule 9019-2(C)(4) of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Florida

2014-007PDF Download

Residential Mortage Foreclosure Mediation Program

2013-007PDF Download

Mediated agreement and confidentiality

2013-003PDF Download

Reporting parties to officials requires termination

2013-001PDF Download

Reports to the court

2012-010PDF Download

Agreement without all signatures

2012-007PDF Download

Reporting parties who commit crime

2012-005PDF Download

Mediating in U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Middle District of Florida

2012-002PDF Download

Reporting acts of attorney

2012-001PDF Download

Disclosing non confidential communication

2011-007PDF Download

Mediation techniques

2011-003PDF Download

Reporting attorney miscoduct

2011-002PDF Download

DFS Insurance Mediation Conference Form

2010-002PDF Download

Party access to mediation communications

2009-011PDF Download

Self-Determination of parties

2007-001PDF Download

Reports to  the court

2006-008PDF Download

Reporting nonattendence and nonpayment to the court

2006-005PDF Download

Reporting attorney to The Florida Bar

2006-003PDF Download

Reporting lack of settlement authority

2005-005PDF Download

Confidentiality of complaint

2005-003PDF Download

The Committee lacks jurisdiction to answer question

2004-011PDF Download

Acts that compromise mediator integrity

2004-010PDF Download

Written apology in settlement agreement


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