MEAC Opinions - Conflicts of Interest

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2015-003PDF Download

Mediator and arbitrator for same case

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Trainee dual roles

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Conflict of interest in vendor expectation

2013-010PDF Download

Clear conflict of interest - party's attorney related to mediator

2012-006PDF Download

Conflict of interest - adoption

2012-004PDF Download

Conflict on interest

2012-003PDF Download

Conflict is resolvable with appropriate mediator disclosures and party agreement 

2011-017PDF Download

Dual role of mediator and interpreter or translator

2011-016PDF Download

Attorney obligations beyond MEAC jurisdiction

2011-014PDF Download

Disclosure of relationships

2011-011PDF Download

Code of Ethics for Public Officers and Employees, Chapter 112, Florida Statutes

2011-004PDF Download

Dual roles - mediator and notary

2010-009PDF Download

Dual roles

2010-008PDF Download

Residential Mortgage Foreclosure Mediation Programs (RMFMP)      

2009-009PDF Download

Conflict of interest

2009-004PDF Download

Ongoing professional relationships 

2009-003PDF Download


2009-002PDF Download

Mediator and arbitrator for same case

2008-008PDF Download

Conflict of interest

2008-007PDF Download

Conflict of interest

2007-005PDF Download

Preparing retirement orders 

2005-006PDF Download

Ongoing professional relationships

2005-004PDF Download

Representing same parties after mediation in same case 

2005-002PDF Download

Judicial assistant 

2004-008PDF Download

Conflict of interest - daughter law firm

2004-007PDF Download

Conflict of interest - case by case basis

2004-004PDF Download

Drafting forms and representing parties post mediation 


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