State Courts Purchasing Directives

State Courts Solicitations

Current Solicitations 

None at this time.

Past Solicitations

Invitation to Negotiate: Drug Court Outpatient Counseling Provider ITN 19-13-003

Invitation to Negotiate for Spanish Interpreting Services in the 12th Judicial Circuit ITN 13-001-12

Request for Information for Remote Court Interpreting Technology RFI 12-001-PH

Invitation to Negotiate for Digital Court Reporting Monitoring and Transcription Service ITN-12-13/14-001

Request for Proposal for Florida Statewide Dependency Model Courts Evaluation RFP 11-001-JC

Invitation To Negotiate for Florida Drug Court Case Management System (FDCCMS) ITN 10-001-AG

Invitation to Bid for Access Controls and CCTV System Maintenance and Repair Contract ITB 10-002-KW

Request for Proposal for Florida Adult Drug Court Statewide Evaluation RFP 10-002-AG

Invitation to Bid for Fire Suppression System Upgrades ITB 10-001-AM

Request for Proposal for Judicial Branch Governance Study RFP 10-001-BF

Request for Information for Florida Courts Electronic Filing Portal RFI 09-001-CN

Invitation to Bid for Multimedia Podiums and Mobile Presentation Systems ITB 09-002-TL

Invitation to Bid for Risk Based Authentication Solution ITB 09-001-JM

Invitation to Negotiate for Integrated Digital Court Recording Solutions (IDCRS) ITN 08-002-CN