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  • Court Employees Receive Awards

    Court Employees Receive Awards

    Fred Buhl, 8th Circuit, Discusses Digital Court Reporting

  • Mortgage Foreclosure Information

    Mortgage Foreclosure Information

    Administrative orders, statistical data and more

  • Education and Outreach

    Education and Outreach

    Information for judges, court staff and the public.

  • Florida Courts' Mission and Vision

    Florida Courts' Mission and Vision

    Accessible, Fair, Effective, Responsive, and Accountable.

  • Judge Steven Leifman Chairs Task Force

    Judge Steven Leifman Chairs Task Force

    Annual Report, Page 23: Read About Problem-Solving Courts

  • Fairness and Diversity Reports

    Fairness and Diversity Reports

    Striving toward fairness in court operations.



The idea of automating the process of filing court documents began in 2008. See how it can
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Self Help


Access local self-help centers; free, low-cost legal aid; and family law forms needed to resolve many family-related situations in court.

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The Florida Court System is building its video library. Often visual presentations are the key to understanding a concept.

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