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Court Employment

Class Specifications

A - C

D - P

R - Z

Accountant I

Data Quality Control Specialist

Resource Planning and Support Services Manager

Accountant II

Deputy Clerk I Scopist

Accountant III

Deputy Clerk II Secretary
Accountant IV Deputy Clerk III Secretary Specialist
Accounting Services Supervisor Deputy Clerk I -
Supreme Court
Senior Accountant
Accounting Services Supervisor
Supreme Court
Deputy Clerk II - Supreme Court

Senior Accounting Systems Analyst

Accounting Systems Analyst

Deputy Director for Facilities Senior Applications/Database Analyst

Administrative Assistant I

Deputy Director of Public Information Senior Attorney I

Administrative Assistant II

Deputy Marshal - District Court Senior Attorney II

Administrative Assistant III

Deputy Marshal - Supreme Court

Senior Budget Analyst

Administrative Hearing Officer

Deputy Marshal Supervisor- Supreme Court

Senior Court Analyst I

Administrative Magistrate Deputy State Courts Administrator

Senior Court Analyst II

Administrative Secretary I Digital Court Reporter

Senior Court Operations Consultant

Administrative Secretary II

Director of Administrative Services

Senior Court Program Specialist

Administrative Services Manager

Director of Case Management

Senior Court Security Officer
Alternative Dispute Resolution Director Director of Central Staff Senior Court Statistics Consultant

Appellate Judicial Assistant -
District Court

Director of Community Relations

Senior Information Systems Analyst

Appellate Judicial Assistant -
Supreme Court
Director of Community & Intergovernmental Relations Senior Information Systems Consultant
Applications/Database Administrator Distributed Systems Network Coordinator Senior Internal Auditor
Applications/Database Analyst Distributed Systems Server Coordinator Senior Law Clerk District Court
Archivist Drug Court Manager Senior Librarian
Assistant Supervising Court Interpreter Electronic Transcriber Senior Psychologist
Assistant Supreme Court Librarian Executive Assistant to State Courts Administrator Senior Network Support Analyst

Budget Administrator

Family Court Manager

Senior Secretary

Budget Analyst Finance and Accounting Manager Senior Staff Attorney
Supreme Court
Budget Manager

Fiscal Assistant

Senior Trial Court Law Clerk
Budget Services Manager General Counsel Senior User Support Analyst
Budget Specialist General Services Analyst Staff Attorney Supreme Court
Career Attorney
District Court
Hearing Officer State Courts Technology Officer

Career Staff Attorney Supreme Court

Human Resources Manager Supervising Court Interpreter

Chief Deputy Clerk
District Court

Human Resources Officer Supreme Court Director of Public Information

Chief Deputy Clerk Supreme Court

Human Resources Services Manager - OSCA Supreme Court Education and Information Administrator

Chief Deputy Court Administrator

Information Resource Management Consultant

Supreme Court Law Related Education & Outreach Coordinator

Chief Deputy Marshal - Supreme Court

Information Security Analyst

Supreme Court Librarian

Chief of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Information Security Coordinator Systems Project Consultant
Chief of Budget Services - OSCA Information Systems Analyst Training Manager
Chief of Court Education Information Systems Consultant I Trial Court Administrator

Chief of Court Improvement

Information Systems Consultant II Trial Court Technology Officer
Chief of Court Services Information Systems Services Manager Trial Court Law Clerk
Chief of Finance and Accounting Services - OSCA

Information Systems Support Manager

User Support Analyst
Chief of General Services - OSCA

Inspector General

Web Administrator
Chief of Personnel Services

Internal Auditor

Web Administrator-SC
Chief of Personnel Services - OSCA

Judicial Assistant - Circuit Court


Chief of Strategic Planning

Judicial Assistant - County Court  
Law Clerk
District Court
Legal Secretary  

Legislative & Communication Specialist


Court Analyst


Court Counselor Magistrate  
Court Counselor Supervisor Maintenance Engineer -
District Court

Court Education Program Consultant

Maintenance Engineer -
Supreme Court
Court Education Program Coordinator Maintenance & Engineering Supervisor  
Court Interpreter

Manager, Court Reporting Services

Court Interpreter - Certified Manager, Electronic Court Reporting  

Court Operations Consultant

Mediation Services Coordinator  

Court Operations Manager

Mediator - Circuit/Family


Court Program Specialist I

Mediator - County

Court Program Specialist II Office Support Assistant  
Court Reporter I Personal Secretary I


Court Reporter II

Personal Secretary II

Court Security Guard

Personnel Management Analyst


Court Security Officer I - District Court

Personnel Services Specialist  
Court Security Officer II - District Court Personnel Specialist  
Court Security Officer II - Supreme Court Personnel Technician

Court Statistician

Professional Writer  

Court Statistics Consultant

Program Assistant

Court Translator

Program Attorney

Custodial Supervisor Program Coordinator  
Custodial Worker

Purchasing Manager

Custody Evaluator

Purchasing Specialist

  Purchasing Technician  

Last Update October 2013