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Reports, Articles, News in Print

News Coverage

Judicial System Needs Reliable Funding
February 15, 2012
Courts Deserve Stable Funding From State
January 31, 2012

Fixing Florida's Court Cash Problem
December 30, 2011

Florida courts need steady state funding
December 15, 2011

Scott budget aims to insulate court system from
uncertainty of fees

December 8, 2011
Budget troubles cut delivery of justice
December 6, 2011
No Way to Run Court System
November 28, 2011
Critics Say Budget Cuts for Courts Risk Rights
November 26, 2011
Judges Should Carry Gavels, Not Tin Cups
November 22, 2011
Judges, clerks recommend solutions for funding problems, October, 28, 2011
Florida Court System Deserves Steady, Reliable Funding,
October 6, 2011
End Chronic Budget Woes in State Courts, October 4, 2011

Court Publications

Seven Principles for Stabilizing Court Funding, January 2009
Overview of the Florida Court System July 2011

The Importance of Our Courts July 2011

The Judicial Branch of Government March, 2010
Electronic Filing in Florida's Courts
Special Session A:  A Summary of Budget Reductions, Increased Penalties, and the Creation of the State Courts Revenue Trust Fund, January 15, 2009

National Concerns from NCSC, ABA and more

National Center for State Courts Budget Resource Center
ABA - Court Funding Resources Page

OPPAGA Reports

OPPAGA Report No. 10-11, Little Duplication in Court-Related Services; Clerk/Court Cooperation Should Be Improved, January 2010
OPPAGA Report No. 09-06, Judicial Case Management Practices Vary Throughout State; Better Case Data Needed, January 2009
OPPAGA Report No. 01-54, Many Article V Trial Courts Funding Issues Still Need to be Resolved, November 2001

Economic Impact Report

The Economic Impacts of Delays in Civil Trials in Florida’s Courts Due to Under-Funding of Court System, Report by the Washington Economics Group, Inc., February 9, 2009
The Economic Impacts of Inadequate Funding for Florida’s Courts, Slide Show by the Washington Economics Group, Inc. January 16, 2009,

Other Reports

Stabilizing Revenues for the State Courts System and Clerks of Court: Recommendations of the Revenue Stabilization Workgroup (PDF Document) October 28, 2011

A Comprehensive Analysis of Judicial Compensation, Recruitment and Retention Practices in the State of Florida, January 25, 2011

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Tax Watch Studies

Florida TaxWatch Study: Analysis of the Collection and Allocation of Court-Related Revenues within Florida’s Judicial System
Florida Tax Watch Special Report:  Implementing State Funding of Florida’s Courts System for More Uniform Justice and Protection of Citizen Rights, September 2006
Florida TaxWatch Special Report:  Proper Management, Accountability and Funding of the State Courts System is Crucial to Rule of Law, Taxpayer Confidence, and a Healthy Economy, March 2005
Florida TaxWatch Special Report:  Proper Funding of the State Courts System is Crucial to Rule of Law, Taxpayer Confidence, and a Healthy Economy, February 2004