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Senate Bill 2962, Section 939.185,
Florida Statutes

As a part of Senate Bill 2962, the 2004 Florida Legislature enacted section 939.185, Florida Statutes. This section creates an additional $65 court cost to be adopted by ordinance at the discretion of each board of county commissioners. The cost is to be imposed by the court when a person pleads guilty or nolo contendere to, or is found guilty of, any felony, misdemeanor or criminal traffic offense under the laws of this state. The assessment must be accounted for separately by the county in which the offense occurred and be used only in the county imposing the cost. The funds collected pursuant to this section must be allocated as follows: (1) one-quarter shall be used to fund innovations to supplement state funding for the elements of the state courts system; (2) one-quarter shall be used to assist counties in providing legal aid programs; (3) one-quarter shall be used to fund personnel and legal materials for the public as a part of a law library; and (4) one-quarter shall be used to support teen court programs, juvenile assessment centers and other juvenile alternative programs.

Each county receiving funds under this section must submit quarterly reports to the Governor, the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), the President of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives detailing the amount of funds received and providing an itemed list of expenditures for all authorized programs and activities. This information must be submitted on reporting forms developed by the Supreme Court. These reports must be submitted starting with the quarter ending September 30, 2004 and are due 30 days after the end of the quarter. It is requested that all counties submit these forms, even if they have not currently adopted the ordinance so that current status documentation is in place for each of the 67 counties.

The reporting forms, instructions for completing the forms, list of applicable programs/activities and the administrative order are listed below for your review and use. The forms were developed by the Office of the State Courts Administrator staff, with assistance from the Florida Association of Counties, as well as input from various legislative staff. A hard copy of these forms will be mailed to you this week. Additionally, these forms and administrative order will be placed on the Supreme Court website ( and the CFO website (

As the instructions indicate, these Excel spreadsheet forms need to be completed at the end of each quarter, with a year end summary completed at the end of each county fiscal year. The spreadsheet forms should be submitted electronically to Hal Foy at the Chief Financial Officer’s office by the due date indicated ("Hal Foy" Mr. Foy will then distribute all reports to the Governor, President of the Senate and Speaker of the House of Representatives.