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Trial Court Statistical Reference Guide

Fiscal Year-Based Information:
(July 1 to June 30)


General Information:
(Click on the below to view the FY report.)
  Report Cover
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  Trial Court System Description
Click for Introduction
  Overall Statistics
Click for Overall Statistics
  Circuit Criminal Statistics
Click for Circuit Criminal Statistics
  Circuit Civil Statistics
Click for Circuit Civil Statistics
  Circuit Domestic Relations Statistics
Click for Circuit Domestic Relations Statistics
  Circuit Probate Statistics
Click for Circuit Probate Statistics
  Circuit Juvenile Statistics
Click for Circuit Juvenile Statistics
  County Criminal Statistics
Click for County Criminal Statistics
  County Civil Statistics
Click for County Civil Statistics
Additional Information:
  Contacts and Acknowledgments
Click for Contacts and Acknowledgments
Click for Glossary
Note: If you experience difficulty reading Statistical Reference Guide charts or graphs, you may follow these instructions to improve their appearance. After opening a chapter in Adobe Acrobat, click on the right arrow above the scroll bar on the top right side of the page. Click Preferences, Display, and then check mark Smooth Line Art.