Family Court Basics

Practical tools to assist judges and court staff in responding effectively and efficiently to the judicial needs of Florida's families.

The image displays the words “Family Court Tool Kit” and a picture of a red tool box.

Basics Tool Kit. This tool kit contains basic information about Florida’s family court. It includes: a timeline of significant family court events; a listing of case types that comprise Florida’s family court; guiding principles; descriptions of the ten core components; information about the one family/ one judge model and noted benefits of the model; filings trends; process maps for dependency, delinquency, dissolution of marriage, and domestic violence injunction cases; and links to additional resources.

Trauma and Child Development Tool Kit. This tool kit provides promising practices for moving toward a trauma-responsive court that is informed about childhood development and the architecture of the developing brain.

Legal Issues Tool Kit. This tool kit provides answers to legal questions that arise when coordinating cases for families involved in multiple court proceedings.