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Prospective Court Interpreters

Schedule of Orientation Workshops and Examinations

October 2014 through September 2015

General Information

For general information about each of our program events, please visit the following links:

Examination Overview Manuals

For information about the written and oral examinations, please visit the following links:

Registration Forms

To register for an upcoming event, please access the applicable registration form below:  

Application for Court Interpreter Registration Documents

Priority Registration for Florida Residents

Effective January 17, 2014, Florida residents will be given priority for all state-sponsored Court Interpreter Certification and Regulation Program (CICRP) activities.  Non-resident applicants may still participate in CICRP activities provided:  
1) The event has not reached maximum registration capacity from Florida registrants by the registration deadline; and
2) Prospective non-resident applicants agree to start and complete the certification process in Florida and are willing to provide services to the Florida courts.