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Florida Drug Court Case Management System (FDCCMS)

The Florida Drug Court Case Management System (FDCCMS) is designed to handle the case management needs of all adult drug courts. FDCCMS streamlines data collection and entry allowing drug court coordinators and case managers to efficiently manage their caseloads and monitor program outcomes. Some of the benefits of the FDCCMS are instant client level and program level reports, custom staffing reports and dockets, customizable drug test panels, and bulk tasks for quickly entering routine data. The FDCCMS is web-based for easy and secure access, and is currently being used in many drug courts statewide.

The Office of the State Courts Administrator (OSCA) provides the funding for web hosting, support, and maintenance of the FDCCMS. The OSCA is currently working to expand FDCCMS to other drug court program types. There is NO COST to the drug court to use this system.


  • Web Browser Application – FDCCMS is a secure web-based system that restricts access using Microsoft Active Directory (AD) for user authentication.
  • Data Entry – FDCCMS has easy-to-use screens which allow the user to enter critical data elements, from initial screening through drug court exit.
  • Management Reports – FDCCMS has the capability for on-demand reports to be generated based on required criteria. These reports provide up-to-date information on program performance measures.
  • The Drug Court Analysis System (DCAS) component of the FDCCMS provides the analytical tools for judges, case managers, drug court administrators, and evaluators to describe or compare groups of individuals who were either screened for or admitted to drug court.

Additional Information

User Manuals – Detailed user guides are available to help users navigate the system.
Training Resources – FDCCMS provides training videos, printable forms and other resources from its Main Menu options.

Please contact Marcia Salmon in the OSCA at for more information.