Interim State Courts Administrator

Bio for Elisabeth H. Kiel

Elisabeth H. Kiel

Lisa Kiel worked in Florida state government for over 35 years, including 11 years as state courts administrator, before retiring in 2014.  In February 2019, she returned to serve as interim state courts administrator. Her career in the courts system began in 1990, as the chief of personnel services in the Office of the State Courts Administrator.  She was a deputy state courts administrator from 1993 until 2003, when she was promoted to state courts administrator, where she served until her retirement.  Ms. Kiel subsequently worked as a consultant on a variety of justice-related issues.  As state courts administrator, she is responsible for overseeing the broad range of policy, intergovernmental relations, and operational functions performed by the Office of the State Courts Administrator on behalf of the supreme court, the district courts of appeal, and the trial courts.  She received her bachelor’s degree and the Certified Public Manager designation from Florida State University.  In 2012, she was inducted by the National Center for State Courts into The Warren E. Burger Society, in recognition of her exemplary commitment to improving the administration of justice.

Former State Courts Administrators

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