History of Court Funding

In very recent years, as a way to cope with economic challenges facing the nation and our state, the Florida Court System has adopted seven principles that not only address the current revenue decline but also secure justice for all Floridians for decades to come.

These principles have been put in place to actively help stabilize court funding. Read more about the seven basic principles.

What is Revision 7?

The recent major court reform, referred to as Revision 7 to Article V, was approved as an amendment to the Florida Constitution by Florida voters in 1998.

It was proposed originally by the Florida Constitution Revision Commission to provide a uniform funding system for the trial courts of Florida.

Previously, trial courts were funded by the 67 individual counties that each court was identified with. Appellate courts were funded by the State. As a result of the county-by-county funding variations, some counties could obviously afford to provide better funding for Court services, while others were able to provide only bare minimum service. Revision 7 required that both the appellate courts and the trial courts be funded through State appropriation, thus equalizing the funding levels across county lines.

The Revision 7 “Justice for all Floridians” slogan used throughout the 2004 Legislative session, became a very real concept when the Revision 7 legislation was finally passed on July 1 of that year.

The funding transition occurred seamlessly, but not without several legislative enactments prior to the transition that provided the structure for the newly constituted trial court system. Below, find key Revision 7 links and budgetary information that have been important to Florida Courts current funding structure.

Revision 7 Links

Administration and Operational Implementation of Revision 7

The links below provide information regarding the administration and operational implementation of Revision 7.

Communcation and Publications

The links below provide communcation and publications related to the implementation of Revision 7.

Current Court Funding