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Current Job Opportunity


October 8, 2019

Closing Date

October 21, 2019

Position Number


Position Title

Senior Database Analyst

Job Location

Office of the State Courts Administrator - Office of Information Technology; Tallahassee, Florida

Salary Range

$5,133.45 - $10,959.10 Monthly

Job Description

The essential function of this position within the organization is to research, design, develop, recommend, and implement technologies related to databases, web and SharePoint infrastructure. This position works to ensure that the platforms, services, and processes to support the automation of business processes involving SharePoint, SQL Server database technologies, Oracle database technologies, and web environments within its domain are highly available.

This position provides platforms, technologies, and databases to support the automation of business processes for the Court. 

Participates in requirements gathering and design sessions related to SQL Server Integration, Analysis, and Reporting. 

Analyzes, designs, and prototypes software applications related to SQL Server Integration, Analysis, Reporting Services, and databases. 

Tests and implements production software applications developed by the DBA team. 

Designs, develops, and monitors databases, database processes, SQL Server Reporting, and Integration. 

Under the guidance of the Applications/Database Manager this position will participate in the implementation of performance monitoring technologies for SQL Server databases. 

Assists in the implementation of capacity planning on databases under the direction of the Applications/Database Manager. 

Monitors database, SQL Server Integration, Analysis, Reporting Services, and security to ensure maximum efficiency and compliance with applicable regulations and laws. 

Performs research and testing of software upgrades for SQL Server Integration, Analysis and Reporting Services, and database software. 

May provide coordination for testing processes with applications and other OIT groups. 

Participates in implementing common technology processes in the Courts under the direction of the Applications/Database Manager and based on Microsoft’s Operational Framework. 

This includes assisting in the automation of change management, release management, asset management, service management and infrastructure management. 

Researches, implements and tests hardware/3rd-party software upgrades specific to the SQL Server environment; evaluates operations and makes recommendations and adjustments as directed.

Participates in planning sessions and works on assigned tasks for implementing new application development platforms and technologies in the Court that relate to SQL Server technologies and databases. 

Brings up issues and risks to the Application/Database Manager for resolution.

Works as a member of the DBA team to ensure that standards are developed related to the management and architecture of the SQL Server environment.

Serves as information resource for database design, database processes, SQL Server Reporting, Integration and Analysis Services; performs troubleshooting of and assists business users and development staff in implementing solutions related to SQL Server Reporting, Integration and Analysis Services and databases. 

Implements security, data integrity and backup/restoration based on policies, and procedures.

Provides status reports to manager and ensures that work flows through manager to ensure that priorities are being worked on.

Attends or conducts staff and other professional meetings to exchange information; attends technical or professional workshops or seminars to improve technical or professional skills.

Participates in problem resolution activities to assist in identifying technical issues, root cause and to provide work-arounds and resolutions considering business constraints. 

Tracks the problem and resolutions to ensure that the same issues do not keep resurfacing. 

Monitors implementation security, data integrity and backup/restoration policies and procedures.

Performs clerical tasks such as data entry, preparing routine or special reports, or assisting with compilation of informational materials.

Education and Training Guidelines


Refers to job specific training and education that is recommended for entry into the position. Additional relevant experience may substitute for the recommended educational level on a year-for-year basis.

Bachelor’s degree in business management, information technology, management information systems, computer science, engineering or a closely related field.


Refers to the amount of related work experience that is recommended for entry into the position that would result in reasonable expectation that the person can perform the required tasks. Additional relevant education may substitute for the recommended experience on a year-for-year basis, excluding supervisory experience.

Five years of related experience, including extensive software solution development knowledge and experience.

Licenses, Certifications, and Registrations Required:



Data Responsibility:

Refers to information, knowledge, and conceptions obtained by observation, investigation, interpretation, visualization, and mental creation. Data are intangible and include numbers, words, symbols, ideas, concepts, and oral verbalizations.

Directs others in major events and reports on activities and results.

People Responsibility:

Refers to individuals who have contact with or are influenced by the position.

Persuades or influences others in favor of a service, course of action, or point of view.

Assets Responsibility:

Refers to the responsibility for achieving economies or preventing loss within the organization.

Requires responsibility and opportunity for achieving moderate economies and/or preventing moderate losses through the management or handling of technology equipment of high value or moderate amounts of money.

Mathematical Requirements:

Deals with quantities, magnitudes, and forms and their relationships and attributes by the use of numbers and symbols.

Uses practical application of fractions, percentages, ratios and proportions, measurements, or logarithms; may use algebraic solutions of equations and equalities, deductive geometry, and/or descriptive statistics.

Communications Requirements:

Involves the ability to read, write, and speak.

Reads scientific and technical journals, abstracts, financial reports, and legal documents; writes complex reports; makes presentations to professional groups.

Complexity of Work:

Addresses the analysis, initiative, ingenuity, creativity, and concentration required by the position and the presence of any unusual pressures.

Performs work involving the application of principles of logical thinking, technological, scientific, or legal practice to diagnose or define problems, collect data and solve abstract problems with widespread unit or organization impact;requires sustained, intense concentration for accurate results and continuous exposure to unusual pressure.

Impact of Decisions:

Refers to consequences such as damage to property, loss of data or property, exposure of the organization to legal liability, or injury or death to individuals.

Makes decisions with serious impact - affects work unit and may affect other units or citizens.

Equipment Usage:

Refers to inanimate objects such as substances, materials, machines, tools, equipment, work aids, or products. A thing is tangible and has shape, form, and other physical characteristics.

Coordinates the handling of machines, tools, equipment, or work aids involving extensive latitude for judgment regarding attainment of standard or in selecting appropriate items, such as computers and software applications.

How to Apply

Submit a current and complete State of Florida application to the People First Service Center online at

For additional information, please contact Heather Malloy at 850-922-1185.

An application must be submitted for the position listing the appropriate class title and position number for which you are applying. Your application must be received by 11:59:00 p.m. on the closing date.

The successful applicant will be subject to a criminal background check.

We are an equal opportunity employer. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, sex, age, national origin, genetic information or disability.

If you need an accommodation to participate in the application/selection process, please call the contact person at the number indicated for each respective position. Persons using a TDD may call the contact person through the Florida Relay Service 1-800-955-8771.