Florida Chief Justice Jorge Labara’s appointments to the 2017-18 Constitution Revision Commission

Hank Coxe, a Jacksonville attorney who specializes in federal and state criminal matters, has served as president of The Florida Bar. He has also served on the Judicial Qualifications Commission, which is the constitutionally created board that receives and investigates allegations of judicial misconduct. He served on the Florida Supreme Court Innocence Commission and the Judicial Nominating Commissions for the Fourth Judicial Circuit as well as the First District Court of Appeal.

Arthenia Joyner, a Tampa attorney, represented her community in the Legislature for 16 years, first in the Florida House and then in the Florida Senate. She was a student participant in the first civil rights demonstration in Tampa, part of the effort to desegregate department store lunch counters. A few years later, as a student at Florida A&M University, she was part of the demonstrations seeking to desegregate the city’s movie theaters and churches.

Roberto Martinez, a Coral Gables attorney, has served in the U.S. Attorney’s Office in South Florida, first as an assistant U.S. attorney and then, later, as the U.S. attorney. He has a record of active service in education, both in his home county of Miami-Dade and also on a state level, serving as a member of the state Board of Education for several years. He served as a member of the Florida Taxation and Budget Commission in 2007-08 and chaired the commission’s Government Services subcommittee.

Commissioners Appointed by Governor Rick Scott:

  • Commissioner Jose Armas
  • Commissioner Lisa Carlton
  • Commissioner Timothy Cerio
  • Commissioner Emery Gainey
  • Commissioner Brecht Heuchan
  • Commissioner Marva Johnson
  • Commissioner Darlene Jordan
  • Commissioner Fred Karlinsky
  • Commissioner Belinda Keiser
  • Commissioner Frank Kruppenbacher
  • Commissioner Gary Lester
  • Commissioner Jimmy Patronis
  • Commissioner Pam Stewart
  • Commissioner Nicole Washington

Commissioners Appointed by Florida Senate President Joe Negron:

  • Commissioner Anna Marie Hernandez Gamez
  • Commissioner Don Gaetz
  • Commissioner Patricia Levesque
  • Commissioner Sherry Plymale
  • Commissioner Bill Schifino Jr.
  • Commissioner Chris Smith
  • Commissioner Bob Solari
  • Commissioner Jacqui Thurlow-Lippisch
  • Commissioner Carolyn Timmann 

Commissioners Appointed by Florida House Speaker Richard Corcoran:

  • Commissioner Jose Felix Diaz
  • Commissioner Erika Donalds
  • Commissioner Tom Lee 
  • Commissioner Rich Newsome
  • Commissioner Chris Nocco
  • Commissioner Jeanette Nuñez 
  • Commissioner Darryl Rouson 
  • Commissioner Chris Sprowls 
  • Commissioner John Stemberger

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