Bar Referee Attorney Disciplinary Proceedings

Article V, Section 15 of the Florida Constitution gives the Supreme Court of Florida exclusive jurisdiction to regulate the admission of persons to practice law and the discipline of persons so admitted. Judges serving as referees in attorney disciplinary proceedings must review the resources below prior to handling these cases.

Notice About the Preparation and Filing of the Record

Rule 3-7.6(n)(3) requires referees (with assistance of bar counsel) to:

  • prepare the record
  • certify that the record is complete
  • serve a copy of the index of the record on the respondent and The Florida Bar, and
  • file the record with the office of the clerk of the Supreme Court of Florida

Please be advised that uncertified records will be returned to the referee for proper certification.

Resources for Review

From the Clerk's Office

From The Florida Bar

Bar Referee Training Information

Also, read important information regarding sealing of recordsPDF Download in these proceedings.