History of Court Processes, Programs, and Initiatives

The Short History of Florida State Courts System Processes, Programs, and InitiativesPDF Download details the major operations and activities of Florida’s judicial branch over time and explains how they fit together. 

It was designed to serve as a companion piece to the Florida State Courts Annual Reports, providing extensive background material about the topics that these documents address. It was also conceived as a stand-alone document, offering a wealth of information about various branch functions and undertakings, clarifying their rationale and uncovering the historical foundations on which they stand. In addition, in encompassing all this historical data in one volume, the Short History seeks to support court leaders in their endeavors to piece together the Florida State Courts System’s past— and to understand its influence and impact on the present and the future.

Like the annual reports, the Short History is organized around the five broad issue areas of the Long-Range Strategic Plan for the Florida Judicial Branch 2016 – 2021. The long-range issues are the high-priority areas that the branch, in seeking to fulfill its mission and reach toward its vision, must address over the long term.

The long-range issues are as follows:

Issue 1: Deliver Justice Effectively, Efficiently, and Fairly

Issue 2: Enhance Access to Justice and Court Services

Issue 3: Improve Understanding of the Judicial Process

Issue 4: Modernize the Administration of Justice and Court Facilities

Issue 5: Maintain a Professional, Ethical, and Skilled Judiciary and Workforce 

Additional miscellany information is also included.