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Florida Civil Domestic Violence Case Law Updates

September 2018 -- No new domestic violence cases were reported in September 2018. 

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April 2018 -- No new domestic violence cases were reported in April 2018. 

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September 2017 -- No new domestic violence cases were reported in September 2017.

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Florida Criminal Domestic Violence Case Law Updates

The most current Criminal Domestic Violence Updates can be found herePDF Download.

National Legislative Updates

The National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges provides recurring Legislative Updates, a compendium of every state's proposed family court legislation.  The most recent Legislative Update is linked here for your convenience.  PDFPDF Download

Cases of Interest

2016-17 National Domestic Violence Cases of Interest  PDFPDF Download

2016-17 National Sexual Violence Cases of Interest   PDFPDF Download

Case Law Updates (Other)

United States Supreme Court Cases

Voisine v. United States, No. 14-10154 (2016).  PDF

In a majority 6-2 decision, the Supreme Court upheld a federal law that restricts gun ownership for a person convicted of reckless domestic assault.

Lozano v. Alvarez, No. 12-820 (2013). PDFPDF Download.

The Court held that the 1-year priod in Article 12 of the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction is not subject to equitable tolling. 

11th Circuit Cases

U.S. v. Henderson, Case no. 12-14628 (11th Cir. 2014). PDFPDF Download.  

The 11th Circuit affirmed here that convicted felons may not have actual or constructive possession of firearms; to allow possession would violate 18 USC 922(g).

Wollschlaeger et. al. v. Scott et. al., Case no. 12-14009 (11th Cir. 2014). PDFPDF Download.

The circuit court found that the Florida's Firearm Owners Privacy Act, which "restricts irrelevant inquiry and record-keeping by physicians regarding firearms," is a legitimate regulation of professional conduct.