Legal Issues Tool Kit

Providing answers to legal questions that arise when coordinating cases for families involved in multiple court proceedings.

Reference to statutes and rules in this tool kit are from the 2014 Florida Statutes and the 2014 Rules of Court unless otherwise specified.

What is this tool kit?

This tool kit contains the more frequent, difficult, and interesting legal questions that may arise when coordinating multiple cases involving one family.

Why use it?

It will help users meet the challenges of handling related cases by offering quick reference to statutes, rules, and precedents. Handling related cases in a coordinated manner can decrease delays in case processing, minimize the issuance of conflicting orders, decrease the number of post-judgment actions, minimize duplication in hearings, and improve judicial decision-making.

Read these case examplesPDF Download to understand the impact of coordinating relating cases.

Who should use it?

Judges, magistrates, hearing officers, and court staff in family courtPDF Download.

When should it be used?

Now! The efficiencies gained by coordinating cases will minimize the impact of shrinking resources and increasing caseloads.

How should it be used?

The tool kit is organized in the following way: click the links on the left side of this page to take you to the answers!

Read it, digest it, practice it, and present it for discussion at brown bag luncheon, court workshop, or learning circle.


Click herePDF Download for a handy one family/one judge benchcard provided by the Honorable Christine Greider, 20th Judicial Circuit.