Family court resources

”How deeply into the domestic realm can or should government go when it intervenes in the lives of families and children? Conversely, what is government’s duty to families and children who are in legal and social distress? These political and philosophical questions still bedevil public officials in America today. Yet when society chooses to intervene, it must be done well and there must be accountability.”
Michael A. Town, The Unified Family Court: Therapeutic Justice for Families and Children 1 (Mar. 11, 1994)

Family Court Tool Kit: Legal issues when coordinating related cases. 
Provides answers to legal questions that arise when coordinating cases for families involved in multiple court proceedings. 

Family Court Tool Kit: Trauma and child development. 
Features promising practices for moving toward a trauma-responsive court that is informed about childhood development and the architecture of the developing brain.

One Family, One Judge, No Continuances
2014 Juvenile and Family Court Journal article by Alicia Summers and Corey Shdaimah.

The unified family court: preventive, therapeutic and restorative justice for America's families
Essay by Judge Michael A. Town from the National Center for Preventive Law.

Project One
Project One is an initiative of the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges. It is a holistic approach to families through One Family/One Judge, No Wrong Door, and Equal and Coordinated Access to Justice. Project ONE seeks to provide judges with guidance for supporting the needs of families and children no matter which jurisdictional “door” of the courthouse – family law, child welfare, family violence, juvenile justice, etc. – they enter.

University of Baltimore’s Sayra and Neil Meyerhoff Center for Families, Children and the Courts
The center advocates the use of therapeutic jurisprudence, the understanding that the law has an effect on behavior, emotions and mental health. The center supports a holistic approach to problem-solving in family law matters.

Unified Family Court Evaluation, Literature Review
A 2002 literature review compiled by the American Institutes for Research.