Trauma Curriculum

Trauma Curriculum: Moving Toward a Trauma-Responsive Court

In addition to the Trauma and Child Development Tool Kit, and as part of the trauma-responsive court initiative, the Office of Court Improvement has developed curriculum for a three-hour, interactive, multidisciplinary workshop. The goal of the workshop is for the court and its stakeholders to learn about the following: 

  1. The impact of trauma and toxic stress on the developing brain, overall health, and well-being.
  2. Trauma-responsive practices to implement.
  3. Self-care strategies.

Facilitator Guide. This provides a listPDF Download. of who to invite, logistics preparation tips, and a list of session supplies. It also contains the workshop script. 

Workshop Agenda. May be found herePDF Download

PowerPoint Presentation. The PowerPoint presentation is available using two options: 

  1. Click here for the ready-to-go presentation with the video links included in the PowerPoint. This will require a reliable wifi/internet connection at the time of viewing. You may need to, "Right Click", and "Save As" in order to open the PowerPoint file. 
  2. Upon request, the Office of Court Improvement will mail the circuit a flash drive with a copy of the PowerPoint. This version will have embedded videos and will not require wifi/internet at the time of viewing. For a .pdf copy, click herePDF Download. For questions contact Leigh Merritt 

Practical Tips for Professionals. These documents are used for the professional breakout sessions. 

Self-Care Tool Kit. This documentPDF Download  is used for the final segment of the workshop. 

CJE/CLE Credit Information. CJE flyerPDF Download   CLE flyerPDF Download


Workshop evaluation. May be found herePDF Download

Contact Leigh Merritt: