Legal Authorities

Florida Supreme Court "Family Court" opinions: The Florida Supreme Court has recognized that families should be able to have all of their disputes resolved in the most effective and efficient way possible. Court cases involving one family are handled before one judge unless impractical. Since 1991, a series of Florida Supreme Court opinions (also known as the "Family Courts" opinions) have been instrumental in shaping family courts throughout the state. Click here to view the "Family Courts" opinions.

Florida Statutes: Laws that are passed by the Florida Legislature and signed by the Governor are called statutes. Statutes are organized by subject matter into different numbered chapters. Click here to look at Florida Statutes.

Rules of Court Procedure: Different case types are governed by different rules of procedure. For example, dependency and delinquency cases are managed by the Rules of Juvenile Procedure whereas dissolution of marriage cases are administered by the Family Law Rules of Procedure. Click here to find links to all of the various rules of court procedure for Florida courts.

Caselaw updates: Florida’s appellate courts issue opinions explaining their decisions on a variety of legal issues. Click here to find links to written summaries of such cases.