Current Charges and Related Projects

CHARGE ONE: Determine how the handling of criminal domestic violence cases has changed since the 2001 report and develop recommendations for model practices to ensure safety of victims, eliminate conflicting orders between divisions and provide statewide standards.

CHARGE TWO: Continue monitoring/working with each circuit to refine “one family/one court” practices and define a set of desired outcomes to gauge the success of the model.

CHARGE THREE: Examine existing court rules, statutes, and legislative proposals that impact model family court concept and determine if changes are necessary to enhance operations. 

CHARGE FOUR: Continue monitoring school justice partnerships and oversee expansion. 

  • School Justice Partnership: A school-justice partnership is a collaborative effort among courts, schools, state agencies, service providers, and law enforcement to keep children in school and out of court.  For more information about Florida’s School Justice Partnership, click here.

CHARGE FIVE: Assist multi-disciplinary dependency court improvement panel that must be established by OSCA for grant purposes. Focus: early childhood and trauma responsive courts application to other family court case types. 

  • The Trauma Tool kit: This tool kit contains compelling information, rooted in science, which aids in determining children's needs based on developmental milestones and the impact of trauma, click here
  • Materials from the USFSP Family Study Center and the 6th Circuit Family Law Division’s Presentation - Adverse Childhood Experiences: Recognized and Addressed in Family Court, either PDFPDF Download or PowerPoint.