The Protocol for Supreme Court Committees is a compilation and integration of several pre-existing standards and requirements and was developed to provide guidance to supreme court committee members and Office of the State Courts Administrator (OSCA) staff who serve in a support role to court committees: Protocol for Supreme Court CommitteesPDF Download adopted December 2013.

Link to previous family court Supreme Court decisions.

Family Court Tool Kit: This tool kit contains basic information about Florida’s family court. It includes: a timeline of significant family court events; a listing of case types that comprise Florida’s family court; guiding principles; descriptions of the ten core components; information about the one family/ one judge model and noted benefits of the model; filings trends; process maps for dependency, delinquency, dissolution of marriage, and domestic violence injunction cases; and links to additional resources: Family Court Took Kit- The Basics.

The Effects of Exposure to Domestic Violence on Babies and Children

The video, The Effects of Exposure to Domestic Violence, produced by the 11th Circuit, provides valuable information about the severe and lasting negative impact that exposure to domestic violence has on babies and children. This video also teaches that babies and children who live in a home where a parent is being abused are effected and hurt even if they never directly witness the actual violence.

Dependency/Delinquency Crossover Presentation