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Steering Committee on Problem-Solving Courts

Steering Committee on Problem-Solving Courts

The purpose of the Steering Committee on Problem-Solving Courts is to continue addressing the needs of court-engaged individuals with mental illnesses and substance use disorders through the use of differentiated case management and other evidence-based and emerging best practices. In carrying out that purpose, the Steering Committee on Problem Solving Courts shall perform its responsibilities consistent with The Long-Range Strategic Plan for the Florida Judicial Branch 2016-2021, including but not limited to Goal 1.2 (Ensure the fair and timely resolution of all cases through effective case management), Goal 1.5 (Encourage the use of consistent practices, procedures, and forms statewide), Goal 2.1 (Minimize economic barriers to court access and services), Goal 2.4 (Collaborate with justice system partners and community organizations to deliver appropriate services), and Goal 2.6 (Promote the use of innovative and effective problem-solving courts and alternative dispute resolution processes).

Administrative Order Establishing the Steering Committee on Problem-Solving Courts:  Supreme Court Administrative Order AOSC18-32PDF Download

One-Page Summary:  Steering Committee on Problem-Solving Courts OverviewPDF Download

What are court committees?

Committees are the mechanism established by the Florida Supreme Court for developing consensus on appropriate judicial branch policies affecting the administration of justice. While the state courts system is administered by the chief justice and the Florida Supreme Court, the policy development strategy of the judicial branch is, in many respects, very collegial.  Due to the nature of the judicial branch, the development and implementation of policies and procedures for the trial and appellate court involves a complex, and often lengthy, process. Committees may be appointed when a specific issue or concern is brought to the Florida Supreme Court’s attention, or when the Florida Supreme Court desires to evaluate and improve the court system’s performance in a particular area. Court committees make a vital contribution to the function of the judicial branch.