OCI Information Systems

The Office of Court Improvement has developed and/or has oversight of the development and use of several automated information and case management systems.

Florida Dependency Court Information System (FDCIS)

FDCIS was developed by Office of Court Improvement staff with and for judges, magistrates, and court staff. FDCIS is a web-based dependency case management system that helps ensure the timeliness of court events, with a goal of achieving positive outcomes for Florida’s abused and neglected children. It provides uniform and reliable data to meet appropriate timeframes. The system utilizes data exchanges with various agencies (Department of Juvenile Justice, Department of Children and Families, Statewide Guardian ad Litem Office) to eliminate duplicate data entry and enriches the breadth and depth of dependency case knowledge.

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Early Childhood Court (ECC) Tracking System

The ECC module, developed by Office of Court Improvement staff and an advisory group, is an extension of FDCIS that allows ECC coordinators or their designees to enter tracking information on court cases, children, and caregivers who are involved in the ECC problem-solving courts located in 15 different counties in Florida. The information provided by the ECC coordinators is routinely reviewed to study the effectiveness of the Early Childhood Court initiative.

Florida Drug Court Case Management System (FDCCMS)

FDCCMS, developed by Advanced Computer Technologies (under contract with the Office of the State Courts Administrator), was initially developed for drug court coordinators and court case managers working in the adult post-adjudicatory expansion program; it now serves additional problem-solving courts. FDCCMS streamlines data collection and entry, allowing problem-solving court coordinators and case managers to efficiently manage their caseloads and monitor program outcomes. Some of the benefits of the FDCCMS are: instant client and program level reports; custom staffing reports and dockets; customizable drug test panels; and bulk tasks for quickly entering routine data.

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