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Commission on Trial Court Performance and Accountability

Purpose of the Commission

Authority:  AOSC18-19PDF Download

The Commission was established in 2002 for the purpose of proposing policies and procedures on matters related to the efficient and effective functioning of Florida’s trial courts, through the development of comprehensive performance measurement, resource management, and accountability programs.

Members through June 30, 2020:

  • The Honorable Diana L. Moreland (Chair), Circuit Judge, Twelfth Judicial Circuit
  • The Honorable Paul Alessandroni, County Judge, Charlotte County
  • The Honorable Jennifer Bailey, Circuit Judge,  Eleventh Judicial Circuit
  • Mr. Matthew Benefiel, Trial Court Administrator, Ninth Judicial Circuit
  • Ms. Barbara Dawicke, Trial Court Administrator, Fifteenth Judicial Circuit
  • Ms. Holly Elomina, Trial Court Administrator, Sixteenth Judicial Circuit
  • The Honorable Stephen Everett, Circuit Judge, Second Judicial Circuit
  • The Honorable Leandra G. Johnson, Circuit Judge, Third Judicial Circuit
  • Mr. Jonathan Lin, Trial Court Administrator, Fifth Judicial Circuit
  • The Honorable Janeice T. Martin, County Judge, Collier County
  • The Honorable Ellen Sly Masters, Circuit Judge, Tenth Judicial Circuit
  • The Honorable Elizabeth A. Metzger, Chief Judge, Nineteenth Judicial Circuit
  • The Honorable Mark W. Moseley, Circuit Judge, Eighth Judicial Circuit
  • The Honorable Michelle Sisco, Circuit Judge, Thirteenth Judicial Circuit
  • The Honorable Elijah Smiley, Chief Judge, Fourteenth Judicial Circuit
  • The Honorable William F. Stone, Circuit Judge, First Judicial Circuit
  • Supreme Court Liaison: The Honorable Jorge Labarga

Meeting Minutes:

Selected Reports:

For more reports from the Commission on Trial Court Performance and Accountability, go to the Publications Page.

Court Statistics and Workload Committee

In August 2007, the Supreme Court approved the creation of the Court Statistics and Workload Committee, under the Commission on Trial Court Performance and Accountability. This is a permanent Committee of circuit and county court judges, trial court administrators, general magistrates and hearing officers that oversees issues pertaining to the Summary Reporting System, Uniform Data Reporting System, and all other trial court data collection systems. In addition, it is responsible for addressing future data needs and workload related policy level questions. Click here for more information about the Court Statistics and Workload Committee.

Compendium of Standards of Operation and Best Practices

The Commission on Trial Court Performance and Accountability (TCP&A) has created this comprehensive online compendium of all standards of operation and best practices approved by the Supreme Court for elements of the trial courts. The compendium is organized by trial court element or topical area. In addition to the standards of operation and best practices, links are provided to applicable TCP&A reports, statutes, court rules, and other useful resources.

Circuit Profiles

Circuit Profiles is a publication created by the Trial Court Performance and Accountability Commission and the Office of the State Courts Administrator to provide court managers with access to a systematic collection of information on state funded programs within the Florida trial courts.  Currently, Circuit Profiles have been developed for the following programs:  Court Reporting Services, Court Interpreting Services, and Mediation Services.  Contained in each publication, for each of the twenty judicial circuits, is circuit specific information on program fiscal allotments, direct service staffing models, position titles, service coverage types and/or levels, contractual service provider rates, measurable workload outputs, and other logistical data. Please click here for more information

Trial Court Integrated Management Solution (TIMS)

A joint project of the Commission on Trial Court Performance and Accountability, the Court Statistics and Workload Committee, the Florida Courts Technology Commission, and the Steering Committee on Families and Children in the Courts, Trial Court Integrated Management Solution (TIMS) is focused on developing an automated solution that will address certain major needs of the trial court system and will advance the goals and strategies of the Long-Range Strategic Plan of the Florida Judicial Branch 2009-2015PDF Download. For more information on TIMS, please click here.