Court System Videos

2018 Pardes Humanitarian Prize Recipient: Judge Steven Leifman

Judge Steven Leifman is a national leader in solving the complex and costly problem of people with untreated mental illnesses involved in the criminal justice system.  Judge Steven Leifman, an associate administrative judge in the county criminal division of Miami-Dade's 11th Judicial Circuit and current chair of the Steering Committee on Problem-Solving Courts, was recently awarded a very prestigious award from the Brain and Behavioral Research Foundation - The Pardes Humanitarian Prize in Mental Health.

17th Circuit Video Tutorials 

These videos were produced by Florida's 17th Circuit. Although specific to Broward County, litigants from around the state may find the videos helpful.

 Court System

Welcome to the Florida Supreme Court provides information about the Florida Supreme Court and about the organization and structure of Florida's court system.

Judicial Branch Long-Range Strategic Plan is a short video about the 2016-2021 strategic plan for the judicial branch of Florida.


Domestic Violence

Florida Injunctions for Protection: An Overview is a video that focuses on the needs of parties considering a petition for protection. It is hoped that the video will assist petitioners (as well as respondents) in understanding Florida’s four orders of protection and the requirements for filing a petition.


Florida Injunctions for Protection, The Hearing is a video designed as an orientation to civil domestic violence court; the video provides important information about court room procedures, discusses the participants in the hearing, and answers many of the questions litigants might have about what will happen when they come to court.


Myth Breakers: Chapter 39 Injunctions is a video that discusses common myths and misconceptions associated with the Chapter 39 injunction process. It also discusses the differences between Chapter 39 injunctions and Chapter 741 injunctions.


Get Psych'd About Batterer Compliance is a video that discusses the recently published OCI Best Practices Guide for Enforcing Batterer Accountability It also discusses some of the newer technologies that can be used to stalk victims of domestic violence.

Dependency Court 

Family Video Guide to Dependency Court  is a video that was jointly developed by the Steering Committee on Families and Children in the Court and the Office of Court Improvement. The video provides an overview of the dependency court system for parents involved in the system.


Make Your Voice Heard: A Guide to Dependency Court is a video for youth ages 12 to 18 that explains what happens in dependency court and encourages youth to participate in their hearings.

Delinquency Court 

Tales from Delinquency Court is a video that was jointly developed by the Steering Committee on Families and Children in the Court and the OCI. It provides an overview of the juvenile delinquency court system; the video's target audience is juveniles and their parents. 



Unified Family Court

A Crisis Carol is a video that was created by the Office of Court Improvement and shown during the opening plenary of the 2004 Family Court Conference, "A Vision without Division." The video tells the story of a stubborn judge who is shown the benefits of a unified family court system and slowly begins to embrace its concepts.



Jury Service

Public Service Announcement by Florida Supreme Court Justice Barbara Pariente.


Jury Service: A Privilege and a Responsiblity is an orientation video that explains the importance of jury duty in our court system.